Monday, March 9, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 9 - Tradeoffs

March 9 - Tradeoffs
by JoAnne Parente

On this day back in 1974, we all gathered at Herbert Hoover Junior High in Edison for our annual Flying Silks show. I can't tell you what guards and ensembles competed, but I remember most of the rest of that evening more clearly than what I did yesterday.

That show was the first time I was able to successfully integrate my dating life and drum corps life.
Most guys I dated back then didn't get it. Just one did (thanks!).

Winter season, in particular, meant tradeoffs for me. Marching with the guard translated to missing dances, concerts, job opportunities, and whatever else most people in high school and college get a chance to do when not studying (OK, I realize many of us didn't study as much as we should have, but that's the topic for another Scribblings entry).

It wasn't just competitions that stood in the way of non-corps social events - I missed a high school prom because it was held the same night as a practice for a major show. I'm sure most of you can name at least as many tradeoffs you made as I can.

Eventually, I traded off drum corps, leaving my post at DCA behind to continue developing a relationship with the man who became my husband. Nineteen years of marriage later, Richard is finally getting to know many of you - and it's about time.

The tradeoffs have all been worth it for me. I hope the same is true for you.

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All for now - corpsdially yours from jo!

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