Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 18 - On Tour, Chapter 1

March 18 - On Tour, Chapter 1
by Bill Berliner

(Editor's Note: The title comes from me. I'm sure many of you have other tour-based stories - send them in already!).

Running from Sheriff Crockett: That was in ’76, the second year we stayed in Prospect, OH. He chased us all night after he caught us skinny-dipping in the community pool, and was shining his searchlight — it felt like something from “The Great Escape.” Also, when I say “all night,” I’m not exaggerating. Every time we thought we lost him, his car came out of some alley, and we had to run like hell.

I lost most of a pair of jeans on a metal fence that I hit sometime that night. I don’t remember who I was with (Pic? Peaches? Mongo?), but I remember finally hiding out in a church loft until the sun came up. He was relentless … as was Ray Kadash when we came staggering back in the morning. (“Where were you #!@&! guys?!)

Great memories of great friends…

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