Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend Wonderings: Then and Now pt 2

Two weeks ago, I wrote my first Then and Now entry -- it focused a bit on what's is been like to have what we were thirty years ago intersecting with our lives today. With the mini-reunion now a reality, the theme is hitting me hard again.

During my marching years - college in particular - I tried very hard to juggle my corps life with everything else that was going on ... studies, working, family obligations, and very importantly, a long-term personal relationship. Thankfully, the guy in question was understanding and patient beyond what I had experienced with anyone else I had dated. Still, there were sacrifices made and opportunities lost because of my first priority: being on the competitive field and floor with all of you.

At a point after aging out, graduating from Douglass, starting my career, ending the relationship many of you have asked about and beginning one with the man who would be my husband one day, I found myself at a crossroads. Dan Fogelberg says it best in his song Nether Lands ... one road was simple, acceptance of life -- the other road offered sweet peace.

After two years of managing public relations for DCA in the early 1980s, I decided it was time to let corps go and give my personal relationships the full attention they deserved.

Richard is certainly aware of my corps history -- after all, we were dating on and off during my DCA days. Still, he's been sheltered from most of it for virtually our entire relationship -- so much so that if someone with a voice he doesn't recognize calls here and asks for Jo, he thinks it's a wrong number!

These past six months, I find myself trying, and for the most part succeeding, to reintegrate what I call the JoAnne and Marilyn parts of my life (sounds a bit like the movie Sybil when I put it that way!). Little by little, I'm bringing Richard and others up to speed on what is, really, one of the most important parts of my life -- my relationship with all of you.

He's unsure about joining me at the reunion, but I really hope he decides to be with us that evening. He knows me well enough that I'll spend very little time at his side while you're all there ... when the situation reverses itself, he's exactly the same way. Still, I'm confident part of him wants to share in the joy I feel that comes from doing all this Saints stuff again with you.

Hope you all get to meet Richard soon!

All for now --corpsdially yours from jo!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Insistence, Persistence, Ownership

Yesterday brought a bit of insight to me about something that I don't think I truly understood before about the phenomenom we know as the Saints.

As part of other conversations we were having, I asked Jimmy Pic what it was about the Saints that attracted him when he joined. Since I signed up for the Saints as an original member without a lick of marching experience, I was curious to see why someone would leave another corps to be part of us -- especially since getting to Fords and Woodbridge for rehearsal wasn't exactly a walk around the block for him [Side note to Pic -- please don't walk along 287 to get to Fords anymore!!!].

Pic was very free and open about sharing his experiences with the Silver Lancers, a corps which was a valid competitor of ours for many years. His primary reason for coming to the Saints was to be on the field -- we were competing that summer, while his first corps was only marching parades.

As we continued our discussion, though, the difference between the corps was much more than a decision to be on the field. To summarize everything Pic explained, it really boils down to three words: insistence ... persistence ... ownership.

I thought the things he described about us happened in all the corps we competed against -- I was wrong! I just know how much the three concepts were such a big part of how we created our excellence ...

Insistence is all about the getting-in-your-face attitude we had when it came to what we did. Be it musical notes, cadence, equipment position, or whatever, we challenged each other to do it right, or to do it better. We weren't afraid to tell each other when things needed to be fixed.

Persistence is when we got together to hold our own rehearsals outside of regular practices. How many of us gathered at each other's homes to go over some particularly difficult piece of music or equipment work? Most of us. Were the instructors there to help us? Probably not.

Ownership is each time one of us suggested something better, something extra we could be doing with drill, equipment work, or whatever. We weren't soley dependent on the powers in charge to create who we were. Our unique stamp as members was found in every part of what we did when we performed.

What a lesson ... thanks, Pic!

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday Trivia - September 25, 2007

It's Tuesday again!

Before we get underway, here's a Tuesday Tribute ... about 7 months ago, one of our members had an extraordinary idea -- to set up a tribute site to all the members of the Saints. Today, we pay tribute to Mark Chiocchi as he celebrates his birthday -- best wishes Rocky!!!

Now, last week's question and answer ...
  • One of the songs in our repertoire that was NOT used in field competition was the Theme from the Mickey Mouse Club. Why did we learn it to begin with?

    The Woodbridge Center management requested it. They were bringing in Mickey Mouse as part of a promotion, and as our sponsor, they wanted us there to provide additional entertainment. It was such a hit that they repeated the promotion several times over the years.

    Another regular Woodbridge Center gig for us was playing just before their July 4th fireworks show (held a day or two before since the mall used to be closed for the holiday). That usually involved performing our field show while climbing over spectators who refused to stay behind field markers that were set up.


  • In first place, Rich (Ferd) Ponik: Wasn't it that Mickey Mouse was coming to Woodbridge Center?

  • A close second was Mark (Peanuts) Scotto: If I remember correctly the Mickey Mouse song was played at some function in front of Woodbridge Center Mall. I remember being there, it was 1976 or 77. I also think I had a picture of that day which is posted in the photo section or it may have been someone else's.

  • Most creative answer was Billy Meyer: To make fun of the National Judges Association, for their inability to recognize the greatness that was The Saints as compared to some lesser competitors. We played it each time we got sc**wed.
    [Side note from jo: While this really did happen, it wasn't the reason we added it to our repertoire. It just came in very handy for those types of situations, and not just in NJA!]

Now, for this week's question, compliments of Goober Chez:

  • Name all the rooms in the Annex.
    [Side note from jo: Goober just wanted a count. That was WAY too easy! If you don't have a name for the room, a description of where it is and how it was (or is) used is acceptable.]

Submit your answers to Please use TRIVIA in the subject line or I may miss your response when it comes time to name the winners!

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday MatchUps - The Wargo Files pt 1

So much to cover today!!!

First, both Gary Deren and Jeff Slater, each mentioned in previous Monday MatchUps, posted contact information this past week. Welcome Home Jeff and Gary!

Next, some folks not at the Menlo Park Mall gathering back in June were with us at the Annex last Friday ... just scroll down for a list of names as well as a group photo. See for meeting minutes and LOTS more photos!

Finally, Mike Wargo, you're the man! Among other treasures, he brought with him a stack of membership applications and rosters ... many of the names never appeared in any of my previous sources, so I have a pile of work ahead of me to update the roster for the website.

In the meantime, here are ten of the members from the Wargo Files who, up until now, have not been mentioned anywhere on the site. The year and section listed is from the original membership application. If you know how to reach any of them, contact me at Thanks!
  • Marlene Doscher (color guard, 1975)
  • Jamie Mark Farkas (horn line, 1976)
  • Katherine Gray (color guard, 1975)
  • Laura Grimaldi (drum line, 1976)
  • Michael Santa Maria (horn line, 1975)
  • Joe Silverstein (horn line, 1975)
  • Robin Sterling (drum line, 1976)
  • Gerilyn Tomko (color guard, 1975)
  • Kevin Ward (horn line, 1974)
  • Wayne Ward (horn line, 1974)
All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Website Status

Talk about feeling disconnected!

For those of you who have Saints Scribblings directly bookmarked -- has been down since about 2:15 pm on Sunday, September 23rd (it's 3 pm as I'm posting this).

Rocky and I are monitoring the situation and will post updates here and on the Guest Book as they become available -- the problem seems to be with our provider and not with the Saints site itself.

PS: It's 7 pm and the site is back up and running -- thanks for your patience!

Just so you know -- both Saints Scribblings and the Saints Guest Book are maintained separately from the main Saints website. So, what does that mean? If the Saints site is down, both the Guest Book and Saints Scribblings are still accessible by linking to them directly. Today's a good day to add both sites to your list of Favorites (for Internet Explorer users) or your Bookmarks List (for everyone else!).

Here are the links (if you don't know how to add them, contact me at and I'll walk you through the process!):
All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Night at the Annex

What a blast!

Whoever said you can't go home again?

A total of 29 of us gathered in the Annex last evening to do some reunion planning and catching up with each other -- 30 if you count Bob Matelski who happened to call Joyce Skibo while we were gathered. [Private note to Bobby -- see, I called you Bob, just like you asked!]

First -- for those in the greater New Jersey metropolitan area (or can be here) ... KEEP NOVEMBER 2ND (OR 3RD) OPEN!!!

In a nutshell, here's the plan ... full meeting minutes will be posted out on the Alumni Page of later this weekend.

A suggestion was made and accepted to plan 2 reunion events -- regional mini-reunions this year, and a big bash reunion weekend in 2008 (yes, that's next year already!).

We chose the weekend closest to All Saints Day since it seemed appropriate (for those of you lacking access to a liturgical calendar, All Saints Day is November 1st). Main squeezes are invited (spouses optional!). Line up babysitters now -- while children will be welcome at the reunion weekend next year, the dinner in November is, by request of all present, just for the adults.

The reunion committee will be gathering in the Food Court at Menlo Park Mall on Friday, September 28 from 7 pm until they evict us. All are welcome -- come prepared to work! As they secure a site for the November festivities, more details (as well as a confirmation of the date) will be shared.

Pictures from last evening, as well as some treasures from Mike Wargo's collection, will be out on the site soon, so keep watching.

BTW, we checked out every unlocked nook and cranny of the Annex for any leftover Saints stuff -- the only thing we found, believe it or not, were all 9 of our flag line stanchions ...

Here's who joined us:
  • Patty Antol
  • Jackie Bodzas
  • Linda Burke Andel
  • Stoney Comprido
  • Goober Chez
  • Pete Chez
  • Pete Crafts
  • Gary Ragu Chiocchi (and wife, Lisa)
  • Pebbles Chiocchi
  • Rocky Chiocchi (birthday boy!)
  • Karen DeAndrea Aldiero
  • Terry Gyorfy Wooding
  • Priscilla French Lyons
  • Bobby Matelski (by phone)
  • Billy Meyer
  • Rene Meyer DeLucia
  • Denise Normandia Dube
  • JoAnne Parente
  • Karen Parente
  • Jimmy Piccolo
  • Ferd Ponik
  • Kathy Ponik Donnelly
  • Debbie Reybert Bartlett
  • Mark Peanuts Scotto
  • Tom Seeland
  • Joyce Skibo Andrechick
  • Darlene Stover Dziowgo
  • Red Wardlow
  • Mike Wargo

From left to right ...
Standing: Wargo, Peaches, Kathy Ponik, Denise, Goober, Priscilla, Rene, Patty, Red, Karen DeAndrea,
Pebbles, Joyce, Terry, Karen Parente, JoAnne, Linda, Debbie
Sitting / Kneeling: Stoney, Mongo, Ferd, Tom, Ragu, Pete Crafts, Darlene, Peanuts, Rocky, Pic, Jackie

A larger version of this picture can be found out on, Photo Gallery 8, page 8

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend Wonderings: Going Home

The Annex was -- is -- a place filled with many significant memories from my teens and early twenties. A few of us can actually claim to have attended school there -- my seventh grade classroom (which became the kindergarten once the New School opened) was one of the few places in the building to which we DIDN'T have access while practicing there with the Saints.

Our growth as a corps was measured by how much room we needed to rehearse. In the earliest days, the cafeteria served us well -- twirlers on the stage, drummers in the Ice Cream Room, big guard in the back, horn line in the center, guide-ons in the side aisle. Soon, we graduated to the Annex, and even spilled over into the New School gym on Friday nights for a lot of years. I still find it a bit amusing that the name of the Annex was changed during those days to the Parish Center -- given that we had sole use for three weeknights during the winter season, and parts of the weekend the entire year, I don't think many in the parish really "centered" there like we did.

While we might have had a vague sense of it back then, having access to the parish buildings was a true gift. In particular, having the Annex as a regular place to gather, rehearse, store equipment, and everything else -- free but for the yearly donations made by the corps back to the parish -- made it easier for us to grow and succeed at what we did for those ten years we were together.

Since our reunion in October 1980, very few of us have had the chance to go back and spend real time in the Annex. The notable exception? Any of the guys who are members of the Knights of Columbus Council associated with Our Lady of Peace Parish -- and I know of at least one!

As I'm preparing for our reunion meeting this evening, my mind keeps wandering, leaving me to wonder ... Will it still look the same? What room will we meet in? Who will show up tonight who wasn't with us at Menlo? Will we get any planning done???

Expect a postscript sometime later this weekend, as well as some additions to the Photo Gallery on ...

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Trivia - September 18, 2007

I'm sitting here at my desk, shaking my head and cracking up over the interest in last week's Tuesday Trivia ... for two simple questions to grab the attention they have is quite fun for me!

From several variations on Jo, this one's too easy, to a message that came in just after midnight from someone anxious to know if they had won this week, it's heartening to know many of you are enjoying this trip down memory lane.

So, here goes ...
  • Part 1: What horns did we replace with when we bought our mellophones?
    French horns
  • Part 2: What was the major defining characteristic about the players in our mellophone line that made it unique in corpsdom at the time?
    All the members were female

The first person to respond with the correct answer this week was ... Billy Meyer! Other two-parts-right participants were Pete Crafts, Goober Chez, and Althea. Those who at least got Part 2 right were Judy Stewart Sgammato and Jackie Bodzas.

Some background on Part 2 provided by Althea: I think our first French horn line was me, Denise Holton, Donna Kurucz (sp?), maybe Mary Harkins. Sue Hickey and Chris Quadt joined us later. We were all females from the beginning as far as I can remember, which continued in the mellophone line - 16 of us at our largest.

There was a question posted by Jackie which I couldn't answer: did we ever have some type of smaller baritone horn?

A quick note -- a VERY good trivia question has been submitted this past week ... for reasons that will make sense, I'm postponing using it until September 25th.

In the meantime, here's what I think is probably a fairly easy, one-part question for this week:

  • One of the songs in our repertoire that was NOT used in field competition was the Theme from the Mickey Mouse Club. Why did we learn it to begin with?

When responding, please use Trivia in the Subject line of your e-mail. Send your responses to

Hope to see many of you this Friday at the Annex!

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

PS: The answer to Jackie's question about the small baris has been submitted by Billy Meyer -- Yes, we all (except Mike Wargo, I think) had a slide / valve baritone about the size of a french horn in the early years. Thanks, Jackie, for remembering, and Billy for filling in the gaps!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday MatchUps - One-of-a-Kind ... part two

Monday, Monday ...

First, we had a match last week! Doreen Derlak (Lang) found us on September 13th. She's in North Carolina now -- see the entry in Where Are They Now on Welcome home Doreen!

This week, we're continuing with the one-of-a-kind theme. These ten members have unique last names on our member roster -- unique, that is, in that no one else has the same last name. If you have clues on how to contact any of them, let me know at Thanks!
  • Kenneth Egan (horn line)
  • Nancy Estock (color guard)
  • Maureen Farrow (color guard)
  • Jack Foley (drum line)
  • Rosemary Gallagher (color guard)
  • Barbara Gaweda (color guard)
  • Barbara Gibbons (color guard)
  • Sandy Gigantino (color guard)
  • Herb Gunther (horn line)
  • Donna Helwig (color guard)

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekend Wonderings: Then and Now

Yesterday, I had the great and good fortune to spend a few hours with some folks you probably know. We hung out in the food court at Bridgewater Commons, exchanging career and job hunting experiences with one another. Before we departed, there were hugs, gratitude shared, and plans to meet again. My response back at one point -- That's what family does -- is one I've used quite a bit during the six months that has been up and running.

I've spent a bit of time thinking about this, and in particular, what's it like to become JoAnne again to so many people (my husband and most others use my given name these days). When the opportunity started to present itself for us to get back together after all this time, a big part of me was excited to reconnect with all of you. The rest of me, though, experienced more than a wee bit of trepidation at the very thought of a reunion -- or even planning for one -- after all this time.

Some of my reaction was very ego-driven -- Lord knows I'm not in my best marching shape these days at age 52 and years of doing nothing but sitting in meetings and eating. A small bit of anxiety came from the idea of connecting with a handful of people from corps with whom, quite honestly, I didn't really have a warm-and-fuzzy relationship when we marched together. I'm guessing at least as many people felt the same way about me back then ... after all, I got a pie in the face at one point that proved it.

Great things happen over thirty years, though. We grow up, we get wiser, we value each other for who we were and more importantly, who we've become. We forgive, and ask forgiveness through our words and actions. We put aside anger, hurts, and what used to seem like huge age differences to become comfortable companions on this shared journey.

Bottom line -- families grow together, get along together, and get disturbed, pre-turbed, post-turbed, and all-around turbed with one another. It doesn't change that they're still connected through it all.

At the end of the day, without a doubt, even after all this time, here's the reality: If one of us needs something, we're each there to offer a hand ... a warm meal ... congratulations for small and big things ... a couch to sleep on ... a couple extra dollars to put gas in the car ... listening without judgment ... a shoulder to cry on ... a recipe ... a hug ... and lots of stuff I can't even begin to list.

Just like the old days, that's what family does.

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Trivia - September 11, 2007

Last week's results ... the overwhelming winner is Althea Mazar! Champ, since your answers are more thorough than mine, I'll use yours!
  • Part 1: In what city were the competitions held?
  • Part 2: What was the name of the field where the competitions were held?
    Maxwell Field
  • Part 3: What two field competitions were held that weekend?
    There were at least 3 - State American Legion Jr., Sr., and Color Guard
    (note from Jo -- I was only looking for guard and corps ... Thea was more precise)
  • Part 4: Who was the weekend's sponsor?
    American Legion
  • Part 5: Who was our first sponsor?
    Father and Son (I think) Post 324, Edison
  • Part 6: Who was our last sponsor?
    T. Nulty Post 471, Iselin
  • Part 7: What were you required to do on Saturday afternoon?
    March the parade down Atlantic Avenue
  • Part 8: Besides the reviewing stand, what was one required "stop and play" location for the parade?
    Kellys until they closed during the parade due to "shenanigans" by the "seniors", then the Garden State Bar. FYI - Kellys is open again during the whole weekend now that we "seniors" are better behaved.
    (note from Jo -- either Kelly's or the Garden State were acceptable answers. Thea included both)
  • Part 9: Where did most of us go on Saturday evening?
    The Boardwalk, after going to the hotel where our Legion Post stayed (the Olympic) to play a concert
    (note from Jo -- either the concert or the Boardwalk were acceptable answers. Thea included both)
A close second place is awarded to Judy Stewart Sgammato, who only missed the name of our first Legion sponsor. Honorable mentions go to Priscilla French Lyons, Alan Goober Chesnovitz, and Jackie Bodzas.

This week's trivia question -- an easy two-parter:
  • Part 1: What horns did we replace with when we bought our mellophones?
  • Part 2: What was the major defining characteristic about the players in our mellophone line that made it unique in corpsdom at the time?
Send your answers to -- please use Trivia in the Subject area. Thanks!

All for now --
corpsdially yours from jo!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday MatchUps - One-of-a-Kind

Continuing the theme from last week with the opposite side of the coin, the following family names are found only once in our member roster. None of these members has yet made active contact with or the Saints Hotline (732-479-1987) ... if you have clues on how to reach them, let me know at -- thanks!
  • Mark Alexander (drum line)
  • Nancy Bottomlie (color guard)
  • Bob Brietske (drum line) - Bob found us on October 10, 2007!
  • Maria Capella (color guard)
  • Jeanette Clites (color guard)
  • Jane DePinto (drum major)
  • Doreen Derlak (horn line) - Doreen found us!
  • Rich Dowling (horn line)
  • Kathy Duffy (color guard)
  • Betty Dunn (horn line)
All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Last Weekend

Wildwood Weekend ... the last full weekend I spent with the Saints back in 1976. I remember missing out on the normal Saturday night festivities because the semester had already started, and I had a pile of work that had to be done by the time I was back in class Monday morning.

I can recall with crystalline clarity many of the events of that weekend, but then, I had the priviledge of knowing that it would be my last spent with all of you before it happened. I had the chance to savor each experience, tuck it into my memory, and carry it with me as my journey continued away from my corps days.

On Tuesday, we remember the six year anniversary of the massacres that took place in Manhattan, the Pentagon, and ending in a field in Pennsylvania. The rhythm of the calendar this year means the dates fall as they did in 2001 ... meaning that this weekend is the last weekend any of us had before our world was shaken to its core.

There's at least one member of our Saints family who lost someone in their immediate family the Tuesday after that last weekend. Betty Dunn Hinkle, who marched in our horn line during the early years of the corps, lost her brother Patrick while he went about his normal duties at the Pentagon that Tuesday morning. Betty, this is the first chance I've had to tell you and your family how sorry I am for your loss, as well as to thank you for Patrick's service to our country ...

For those of you who haven't been in Fords for awhile, there's a street named after Commander Patrick Dunn not far from where the Turnpike crosses Main Street headed out to Woodbridge.

If you lost someone that day, know that my prayers are with you. If you would like your loved one included here in Saints Scribblings, please feel free to use the Comments feature just below, or let me know at

PS - this year, September 11th also marks the 25th anniversary of the day we lost Jean French, our business manager and my favorite boss of all time. Priscilla, Francee, and Trish, you're in our thoughts as we remember what an important role both she and your dad held in making it possible for us to be part of the Saints ...

On a personal note, I'm remembering in a special way my friend Nancy Collins who, for the first time this year, is spending September 11th in heaven with her firefighter son Johnny, rather than with Marty and their children at the ceremonies in NYC ...

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday Trivia - September 4, 2007

This week's Tuesday Trivia is something just about anyone who ever marched with the Saints should be able to answer, at least in part. First, last week's questions and answers:

  • What was the Saints Spring Festival of N.O.I.S.E?
    A member-run individuals / quartet competition (rifle, sabre, horns, drums)
  • Where was the first one held?
    Our Lady of Peace School Cafeteria
  • How many times was it held?
  • What did N.O.I.S.E. stand for?
    No one individual sounds ensemble ... we actually came up with NOISE before we had a meaning for it.

We had one contestant, and one winner ... Jackie Bodzas's response was:

  • N.O.I.S.E. - No One Individual Sounds Ensemble
    (Although I always thought it should stand for: No One Individual Sounds Equal)
  • It was an individual and quartet competition for Horn/Drum/Harmonica/Rifle/Saber
  • was at Our Lady Of Peace Church Cafeteria on April 20,1974
  • I think there was only one held.

Jackie, you were close -- the second one was held in 1975 ... do you still have the sample score sheets for the harmonica competition?

This week's Tuesday Trivia ... while mostly everyone should get at least some of the questions right, there's enough of an additional challenge for our veteran Tuesday Trivia competitors!

The weekend after Labor Day was, back when we marched together, the end of the summer season for corps in NJ. The question, in nine parts:

  • Part 1: In what city were the competitions held?
  • Part 2: What was the name of the field where the competitions were held?
  • Part 3: What two field competitions were held that weekend?
  • Part 4: Who was the weekend's sponsor?
  • Part 5: Who was our first sponsor?
  • Part 6: Who was our last sponsor?
  • Part 7: What were you required to do on Saturday afternoon?
  • Part 8: Besides the reviewing stand, what was one required "stop and play" location for the parade?
  • Part 9: Where did most of us go on Saturday evening?

Send your responses by Monday, September 10th, to PLEASE use Trivia in the subject line ... thanks!

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday MatchUps - Multiple Family Names

Happy Labor Day all!

In tribute to all those mothers who labored to have us, this week's theme is members with the same family name ... and they may or may not be related. Yes, I know that Labor Day is about celebrating the worker, but I couldn't build that into the MatchUps as easily ... and when it comes right down to it, I didn't build in the motherhood angle very well, either.

BTW, before I spell out the list, Dotty (Sheedy) Tulys and Allison (Pehlert) Knapp have found their way to this past week -- welcome home!

You know the drill by now -- forward ten, mark time for ... oops, wrong drill. If you know how to contact any of these folks, let me know at The sections they marched in are available out on the site on the Member Roster page.

  • Batista - Brian, Joey (Gus), Kathy
  • Baxter - Kathy, Linda, Wendy
  • Boyle - Ginny, Peter
  • Dahl - George, Joan, Marie
  • Davis - Donna, Nina, Scott, Tracy
    (Nina - we know you've visited the Saints site ... post something already!)
  • Eck - Arlene, Daryl
  • Potter - Eddie, Melanie
  • Reeth - Gail, Ronald
  • Smith - Carol, Jim, Maureen, Peggy, Robert - Maureen Smith found us on December 2, 2007!
  • Squires - Jody, Tory
All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Stats - September 1, 2007

Can today really be September 1st???

This month (more or less) marks the 6 month anniversary of ... some web stats:
  • Total visits to the home page of the website: 19,523
  • Postings in the Saints Guest Book: 351
  • Number of images in the Photo Galleries: 921 across 8 galleries

Here's the progress we've made since last month in connecting with our members:

  • Names on the Saints Member Roster (still need 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1975 rosters): 327
    Increase from 326 since the last report
  • Percentage of members connected to the site / hotline (directly or through others): 41% (133 members)
    Increase from 39% (125 members) since last report
  • Percentage of members who have contacted us and / or have been contacted by us: 50% (162 members)
    Increase from 47% (156) since last report
  • Percentage of members who have posted contact info or have called the hotline: 33% (104 members)
    Increase from 30% (97) since last report
  • Percentage of members with no obvious connection to the site: 49% (158 members)
    Decrease from 53% (165 members) since last report

It's been very encouraging to receive e-mails from many of you with suggestions on how to find our missing members, as well as offers to help plan the reunion. THANK YOU ALL!

Another reminder -- reunion planning meeting at the Annex on September 21st from 7-9 pm. Watch for more details by next weekend.

All for now -- corpsdially yours from jo!