Monday, March 30, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 30 - Memories from 1974, Chapter 2

March 30 - Memories from 1974, Chapter 2
by Jim Piccolo

The Eastern States Championships

Another memory from 1974 was the 1974 Eastern States Championship, which was held in Mahanoy City, PA. We had just won the Garden State Championship on the night before. We did an okay performance in prelims. I remember in particular the voice of our horn instructor coming out from the crowd when one of the baritone players started early in The Desert Song. We lost in the prelims to the Belvederes by 6 tenths of a point.

Needless to say the corps was primed and ready to go for finals that evening. After all we were the Garden State Champs! We rehearsed as if no one was going to beat us … not even the Santa Clara Vanguard who had won DCI Finals that year. There was a corps watching us and you could just see the fear in their eyes! We have to compete against them?

After we broke for dinner the clouds started to gray up and the rains came! The show was called off and because the Belvederes were defending Champs, and winners of the prelims, they were crowned the 1974 Eastern States Champions!

But I think the corps learned valuable lessons from the World Open and the Eastern States because look what happened in 75!

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