Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 4 - Days of the Week, Saints-Style

March 4 - Days of the Week, Saints-Style
(by Pete Chesnovitz)

(Editor's note: This March Moment was submitted as part of last week's Tuesday Trivia bonus question)

All winter season weekends were the same back then:

  • Saturday - horn practice at the Annex, then board the bus for a color guard show
  • Sunday - another show
  • Monday - a day off (we all hung out at the Annex anyway)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - color guard practices that we hung out at
  • Friday - was horn rehearsal
Then, it was back to do it all over again. I spent more time at the Annex than anywhere else growing up, more than school anyway. Maybe that's why I work for the post office and can tell you where most high school football fields are.

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