Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 12 - A Favorite Marching Memory, Chapter 1

March 12 - A Favorite Marching Memory, Chapter 1
by Jim Piccolo

It was the summer of '74 (ah, my favorite!). We were at a Friday night competition somewhere in South Jersey - Haddonfield I believe.

We were 'bout half-way through the show and all of the sudden I blanked out! I didn't know where I was in the drill. I finally caught my bearings and finished the show.

When we got off the field, Mr. Fair was standing there waiting for me. Boy did he give me an earful! Luckily, we won the the show over the 507 Hornets (now the Crossmen).

This is one of many of the wonderful Saints marching memories I have.

Mr. Fair, I still love you!

Jimmy Pic

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