Friday, March 27, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 27 - A Couple More Tales

March 27 - A Couple More Tales
by Bill Berliner

Story edited for content: One of the Chez brothers got extremely wasted at a party, which might have been at Kubinak's (editor's note: I removed the name so there's only a one out of three chance of getting it right in the case of background checks). We dragged him up to his front porch, rang the bell, and bolted (nice guys that we were …). That led to a new dance number — “Do the Chez.” According to Peaches, they still laugh about it ... although I suspect Mrs. Chez is still pissed.

Recruiting, Saints-Style: Andy Vescey had one of the old-style VW vans, and he used to haul a bunch of us (me, KMRO, LOIS REED?!, etc.) back and forth to practice. A few times, we had our horns with us — around 2:00 AM, we’d set up in front of a fraternity house in New Brunswick and play the off-the-line. We considered it a form of PR work for the corps …

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