Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Trivia: Reunion Registrations

Here's a quick list of those who have registered so far for our July 19th reunion (updates through 10:45 am ET on May 29th):
  • Ray and Joan Chmieleski (whole day)
  • Mark (Rocky) Chiocchi (dinner)
  • JoAnne Parente (whole day)
  • Donna Stratton Ellis (whole day)
  • Lillian Stratton (whole day)
  • Mike Matelski (whole day)
  • Denise Normandia Dune (whole day)
  • Danny Dube (whole day)
  • Mike Fastuca (whole day)
  • Sue Brady (whole day)
  • Valerie Fair (whole day)
  • Allison Pehlert Knapp (dinner)
  • Kim Mega Trimblett (whole day)
  • Jim Trimblett (whole day)
  • Tom (Mouse) Noel (whole day)
  • Chris Karol-Miller (picnic)
  • Althea Mazar (whole day)
  • Tom Swan (whole day)
  • Rene Meyer DeLucia (dinner / possibly earlier)
  • Dawn Fair (whole day)
  • Mickey Chez (whole day)
  • Pete Chez (whole day)
  • Denise Lopez (whole day)
  • George Lopez (whole day)
  • Wayne Fair (whole day)
  • Jill Fair Shelley (picnic)
  • Debbie Reybert Bartlett (whole day)
  • Lorraine Fastuca Ravino (whole day)
  • Maureen Fastuca (whole day)

Many of the early registrants have also indicated they're bringing main squeezes, family, and / or friends to part of the day's events at Sewaren Park and Post 471, Iselin.

Have you registered yet? What are you waiting for? Is your name missing from above even though you think you registered?

To register, click here for the Survey Monkey link, or visit the Saints home page at www.saintsdrumcorps.com. Any Saints, family of Saints, and friends of Saints are welcome!

Questions about the reunion? Contact us at saintsreunion@gmail.com.

All for now - corpsdially yours from jo!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday MatchUps: Drum Majors

We're back to Monday MatchUps!

This week, we're looking for the following members who served as drum majors over the years:

  • Debbie Pajak
  • Mona Lisa Fiorentini
  • Ginny Boyle
  • Jane DePinto
  • Edna Tarrant
Any clue how to reach them?

Any other members in particular you're still wondering how to find in time for the reunion?

Drop me a line at joparente.saintsdrumcorps@gmail.com. Thanks!

All for now - corpsdially yours from jo!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekend Wonderings: Reunion Registration Time!

It continues to amaze me how we're still all connecting some 41 years after the first night many of us gathered in the OLP Cafeteria to join the parish drum corps ...

The Survey Monkey link for this summer's reunion has barely made it to everyone's e-mail boxes, and we already have a pile of folks (from inside and beyond the Saints greater metropolitan area) who have registered. Some are coming for part of the day, others are spending the whole day with us, and many are bringing family members to at least one of the day's events.

Way cool if you ask me!

We'll be back to the Monday MatchUps, Reunion Edition on May 26th. When you consider how many bus trips and parades we shared together for Memorial Day weekends over the years, it fits somehow.

Miss the Survey Monkey link in the e-mail? Click here to register!

All for now -
corpsdially yours from jo!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Months and Counting!

Let's start the countdown for the summer reunion!

Today marks the two month mark until the Saints Summer Reunion 2008. In case you missed the e-mail and haven't been out on the home page at www.saintsdrumcorps.com, the festivities are slated for July 19, 2008.

The day will start with a picnic at Sewaren Park and is open to Saints, Saints families, and friends of Saints of all ages. Later in the evening, the adults are invited to gather at Post 471 in Iselin, the home for our mini reunion last November.

You can register for just the picnic, just the dinner, or both (with a $5 discount).

Ready to sign up? Here's the link to the Survey Monkey registration site:

Hope to see you then!

All for now - corpsdially yours from jo!