Friday, March 13, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 13 - My First Time, Chapter 2

March 13 - My First Time, Chapter 2
by Pete Crafts

This is not a favorite marching moment by any means.

It was June 1973. Pic had talked me into joining and I had only been to a few practices. I took the ride to the Meadowlarks show in Secaucus. There were a few holes in the show and somehow the ladies put a uniform together for me and I was asked to just hold a horn and march through the show.

I was so proud how I made it through and boasting how I marched lifting my legs high. Then a few weeks later someone came up with a photo from Moe Knox pointing out how I was out of step. I swear to this day it was Ed Philpot in that photo.

Take care!

Pete Crafts

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