Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 8 - Footwear, Chapter 1

March 8 - Footwear, Chapter 1
by JoAnne Parente

There's been more than a bit of discussion among us about changes to our uniforms over the years - two different styles of satin blouses, the cadet uniforms, the orange outfits, and the various interim uniforms when the new ones weren't done.

I don't think we've talked much about footwear, and strange as it may sound, it's among my more vivid memories from back then.

First, the white bucks ... even though I wore boots my entire Saints career, I still make sure my shoes are laced the same way. I also remember the angst over "natural" versus "white" along the soles and heels - all to make sure we survived inspection as tick-free as possible.

Next, the horse-and-buggy boots ... again, we had the same polish-or-no-polish deal along the soles and heels that the horn and drum lines faced. What we put up with that they never did were those ugly rub burns along the tops of the boots. I swear I still have faint scars all these years later.

Finally, to the English riding boots ... it was a matter of pride - especially during winter season - that our boots were the shiniest out there. I still smile on occasion when I see a bottle of liquid floor wax - the product of choice to preserve that spit-shine finish.

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