Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Trivia: April 29, 2008

Which of the following people celebrating birthdays today were eligible to march with the Saints at its first rehearsal in July 1967?
  • Duke Ellington
  • Bridget "Barbara" Murphy Baxter McCarthy
  • Jackie Bodzas
  • Katie Kaufhold
Duke Ellington played a large role in defining our musical style as a corps, but he would have been too old to march in July 1967.

Barbara McCarthy was my mother's mother - my Nana. She, too, would have been too old to march, and if she were still alive, would be celebrating her 97th birthday today.

Katie Kaufhold is the first granddaughter born to my business partner. Her own father, Gerry Jr, wasn't even alive at the time the Saints began.

Any more hints needed?

All for now - corpsdially yours from jo!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Wonderings: We're Back ... and so is the Reunion!

And then we awakened from a long winter's nap ...

All it took to shake me from my lethargy was to hang out at the Mall with some of you last evening - at any given point, the companions at the end of my journey down 287 (during Friday rush hour, no less!) included Denise Normandia Dube, Jimmy and Barbara Pic, Kathy Ponik Donnelly, Myrna Batista, Billy Meyer, Pete Chez, and Ferd. There were about 20 more of you who were in touch this past week in response to our e-mail blast - be assured that I shared your greetings with everyone present.

We made short work of the basics needed to get this summer's reunion up and running. While Billy graciously agreed to handle PR for the event once some of the final details are confirmed this coming week, I can tell you that we're planning a day-in-the-park and a night-at-the-Post type event for July 19th. Prices will be family-friendly, with a discount offered for those attending both events.

Both events will be catered, so that means (drum roll please!!!) NO SET UP AND CLEAN UP FOR US !!!

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for e-mails, guest book entries, and more stuff here in Scribblings.

Thanks again to Jackie for jumping in during my Scribblings Sabbatical ... anyone else out there who's interested in helping out with Guest Writer Wednesdays, let me know.

All for now - corpsdially yours from jo!