Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 26 - My First Time, Chapter 6

March 26 - My First Time, Chapter 6
by Craig "Clav" Stephens

I still remember how incensed (no pun intended) I was when we marched into the Garden State championships and saw off to the side the Crossmen burning a Saints T-shirt on a cross.

I vividly recall the memory of stomping on Crossmen and Bridgemen buttons as we headed towards the field.

I remember inspections.

My most vivid memory is seeing The Saints for the first time. It was at the Garden State Championships. The only reason I could even tolerate going to the show was because, well ... it was at Wildwood.

I watched with detached boredom the expected drudgery of one corps after another.

Then The Saints took the line. I knew I should look interested as my brother was marching (The Skull aka Art Stephens).

Then 6 notes were played that took my breath away and changed my life forever.

I know ... dramatic much? LOL But it's the truth. For if I had not heard that off the line I'd have never met my wife.

I blame ya'll and will never forgive you!!



Sort of ... *whistles*

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