Thursday, April 23, 2009

Test Balloon: Maybe, Maybe Not

Maybe, Maybe Not Sample: The Early Days - Parades and Section Bets
recounted by JoAnne Parente

(picture found in Saints Gallery 4, Page 4, Row 2, Picture 3)

Notice the missing footwear in this picture?

There was a standing bet between the sections having to do with parades we used to march in back then. To stem the tide of "dropping out" - leaving ranks and not finishing the parade when it got too long or too much - the first section to "lose" a member had to clean the bucks or boots for the other sections after the parade.

In this case (after one of the many Firefighters Parades we marched in), the drum line actually lost the bet when one of the cymbal players (to be left unnamed!) smacked himself in the face with the cymbals and needed stitches. While the guard was having their boots cleaned (LOTS of horses in that parade!), we were asked to play a quick exhibition for our sponsors. Rather than hold things up, the guard chose to march sans boots ...

So, did this really happen? Maybe, Maybe Not ...

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