Monday, April 6, 2009

March Moments 2009: March 37 - On Tour, Chapter 2

March 37 - On Tour, Chapter 2
by Jack Bodzas

(Editor's note: March doesn't end until we all decide it does - the ultimate antithesis of aging out. As long as entries for March Moments keep coming in, March keeps going, too.)

Okay if March is being extended, here is one for, as Mr. Lopez used to say, "one more once."

Of my favorite Saints memories, more than a few are from our days spent in Prospect, Ohio. This town literally opened its doors to us every year that we “stopped” by. Prospect was a great place, from its sheriff (who was also the justice of the peace and the candy shop owner) to its super friendly townsfolk, to its well water pump in the park gazebo. It was truly a wonderful place left back in time. Can’t say enough pleasant things about this place, it was good to just be there.

Here's a picture of a one corps parade that we put on for the good citizens of Prospect. I just really remember this parade/day/place as the main ingredient for the making of good times! Don’t try to figure this picture out, things got moved around a bit. . . Gary & Bob were drum majors, Glenn played tambourine, Sue the cymbals and who knows what everyone else was doing.

To those who missed the trips to Prospect with us, I can best explain it as one of the places that Garrison Keillor might write about. If you never read Keillor, his stories are of places a lot like Prospect, Ohio.

Ahhh ... the good old days.

Some postscripts - Several of our members are quite fortunate that Sheriff Crockett did not carry a gun and couldn’t run as fast as they could (see the March 18th Scribblings entry for more details). Also, stories detailing some of its friendly people are a whole other chapter or two, and some just can’t be printed at all on a family website.

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