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March Moments 2009: March 35 - Memories from 1974, Chapter 3

March 35 - Memories from 1974, Chapter 3
by Jack Bodzas

(Editor's note: March doesn't end until we all decide it does - the ultimate antithesis of aging out. As long as entries for March Moments keep coming in, March keeps going, too.)

On the way to the ’74 World Open one of our buses or trucks broke down, believe it or not! I gotta think our drivers spent as much time under the vehicles as they did driving.

Of course, kids being kids, multiplied by being cooped up in a sweaty smelly ole bus for a bunch of hours singing many, many verses of Barnacle Bill the Sailor,
or Shaving Cream, or 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall or ... oh never mind, you get the picture ...

The first thing we did after we jumped out the back door was to start up a roadside football game.

The second thing I did was to trip over a hole and ram into someone - I think it was Pete (where oh where are you now) Boyle who was very much like running into a refrigerator with a head. He just did not budge, not one itty bitty bit.

The third was this incredibly loud snap I heard, coming directly from my right ankle area.

The next thing I knew I was in some hospital getting a cast put on by a man wearing a BoSox hat.

Within days I was back on the field marching - cast, tympani, uniform and all, unlike today’s modern timpanists who have their drums carried onto the field for them, and sit down to play.

Ah ... the good old days.


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