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March Moments 2009: March 39 - Memories from 1974, Chapter 5

March 39 - Memories from 1974, Chapter 5
by Jim Piccolo

(Editor's note: March doesn't end until we all decide it does - the ultimate antithesis of aging out. As long as entries for March Moments keep coming in, March keeps going, too.)

This is a “Did this really happen?” story.

Several members of the corps had started to compete in Individual and Ensemble contests that were usually held in the off-season back in the day. It was a chance to let individual members take center stage and to show off their talents.

Some of the members traveled up to an I&E show that was scheduled to take place in the Boston, Massachusetts area. They had traveled for at least 6 hours to get there only to find out that the show had been canceled, to their dismay. When the corps that was actually sponsoring the show (an all girl corps which is practically unheard of today) learned that members had journeyed all that way for nothing, they asked the members to march in a parade with them
that they were scheduled to march in that day as their guests. The corps members graciously accepted the offer and marched in the parade.

On the way home, the members were bored, and as teenagers did, decided to have a little fun by chucking moons at people as they drove by. Well as it happened, one of the people who had been mooned did not think it was fun at all, and called the Connecticut State Troopers.

The Trooper caught up to them and pulled them over. The driver rolled down the window and the trooper asked, “Are you the guys driving bare ass down the road?”

The occupants in the car replied, “Not us officer!” After all was said and done, the driver was let go with a warning.

Did this really happen? Truth or fiction. You decide.

Note from Jo: The names of the people who may - or may not - have participated in the alleged events above were missing from the story when I received it. If this really did happen, you know who you are - or aren't. All I can tell you for sure is that I wasn't there (if there was, indeed, a there) - after all, I never competed in an I&E show. Now, for the rest of you ... only Pic admits to knowing for sure - or not.

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