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March Moments 2009: March 38 - Memories from 1974, Chapter 4

March 38 - Memories from 1974, Chapter 4
by Eric Meyer

(Editor's note: March doesn't end until we all decide it does - the ultimate antithesis of aging out. As long as entries for March Moments keep coming in, March keeps going, too.)

Thanks, Jim, for your March Moments that posted on March 23rd.

I've been to the Manning Bowl a couple of times in the past ten years to see shows - felt like I was at an historic site. For 14 years I drove by that exit on I-495 where they held the '74 WO on my way to work. They had the only McDonald's that had not switched over to the restaurant style facility - still the white building with the golden arches for many years after that.

My fondest (and strangest) memory of that night was Pete Boyle and I in the back seat of a car listening to Lopez and Swan go on about how we were ripped off. We must have been in that car for a half an hour before Lopez asked me if I wanted some "garbage" and threw the envelope with the score sheets in my lap. I still have them somewhere in my attic. If anyone is interested I'll try to find them and scan them to send out.

I still can't remember how Pete and I ended up in the car with Lopez and Swan.

Another memory from 1974 is our arrival in Ithaca to watch DCI. I can't remember who all was there but we got there late and were walking around town looking into shops. Looking into one window we saw a Vanguard uniform on a mannequin with a spotlight on it - we knew we had arrived in DCI Mecca.

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