Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekend Wonderings: DCI East

Saturday, in the park - I think it was the 32nd of July ...

OK, you all know I can be flexible when it comes to the number of days in a month (xref: Saints Scribblings, March 2009).

ANYWAY, gentle reminder - we're gathering in the park near J Birney Crum Stadium today at 3 pm ... only an hour from Saintsville.

Take 287N to 78W to exit 55 (Cedar Crest Blvd) towards Allentown. Follow S Cedar Crest Blvd for about a mile, and make a right onto Hamilton Blvd (Rt 222N). About 3/4 mile later, you'll see the park (and, probably, a dozen corps going through their warmups). We'll be between the pond and the pool (W Hamilton / Ott). If you get there and need to find us, my cell is (spelling out to avoid the spammers) nine zero eight, two two nine, seven one five four.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for ... you
get it. No excuses that you don't want to go to the show - just don't go to the show!

All for now - corpsdially yours from jo!

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