Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Trivia: Legions

Looks like Tuesday Trivia is also starting to bottom out ... only one person responded ...

Here's was last week's two-part question:
What is Lisa's last name, and who is she related to in the Saints?

Here's what Jackie Bodzas sent in (two separate submissions):

Hmmm ... she looks like a nice enough girl (except for the orange jacket, but that is my personal demon to deal with).

  • She could be Pete’s sister in law
  • She could be Bucky’s great, great-granddaughter
  • She could be one of Goober's kids
  • She could be my long lost sister
  • She could be Stoney’s second or third wife
  • Would you believe Peter Boyle's daughter?
  • Oh wait, I know exactly who she is related to ... Jo - it is your third cousin; Floyd on your father’s side who had a nephew by marriage whose wife had three sisters: Betty, Bonnie and Beatrice. Bonnie had four children, the third's name was Samuel who had six kids by his fourth marriage, the youngest which had two girls - twins each named Lisa (because she couldn’t decide which child to name Lisa). Lisa (the younger) had three kids named Lisa, Lisa, and Lisa. This is the middle child: Lisa Parente!

Well, Jackie did correctly guess that I do, indeed, have a cousin Lisa Parente - she's a SECOND cousin (daughter of Greg, who's the son of Greg, and who has a son Greg and a grandson Greg) ... but it's not that Lisa.

As far as the orange jacket goes - that was the inspiration for the Trivia question.

The real answers are - Lisa isn't related to ANYONE from the Saints, and her full name is Lisa Marie (Venezia) Lawrence. She's a member of the 2009 NJ American Legion State Champion Melrose Blackhawks, and is part of the all-girl mello line. She stopped by the mini-reunion for a bit on the way back from Wildwood.

Now, for this week's two-part question:
How many NJ AL championships did the Saints win, and in what years?

Remember ... prizes, prizes, we have no prizes!

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All for now - corpsdially yours from jo!

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