Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Trivia: June 30, 2009

We had two members respond to last week's Tuesday Trivia - double the response of the week before!

Here's last week's two-part question:
How many NJ AL championships did the Saints win, and in what years?

From Pete Chez:
Jo, If I remember correctly (and maybe I'm not - the 70s were a lot of fun you know), you could either compete in the show OR the parade. So my guess is '69. Purely a guess. If I'm way off base, DON"T PRINT THIS !!!! thanks.

From Jackie Bodzas:
To answer your question: 26 World Series championships and 39 American League pennants. Ooops ... I think that is the Yanks, not us.

And now, for the official answer:
I have no clue. I had forgotten about the either-or stipulation - thanks to Pete for the reminder, and to Jackie for confirmation. As far as how many and what years, the only one I can remember for sure is the guard field championship we won in 1973 (see the picture from the balcony at the Cara Mara below). We may also have won the guard title in 1972, but can't really say for sure. I seem to remember at least one parade win (could be the 1969 thing that Pete remembers), and I thought the corps won the field show once as well (1976?).

Thanks to my little brothers for responding!

Now, for next week's question (and I DO know the answer to this one!):
What corps used horns from the disbanded Saints in their DCI Championships alumni performance

Remember ... prizes, prizes, we have no prizes!

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All for now - corpsdially yours from jo!

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